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My Story

A Brief History of Next Level Carpentry

The satisfaction of turning concepts into reality fuels my devotion to the craft of woodworking. My name is Chris and some would say I was born with a hammer in my hand and that one day I would be just like my father. I have been in the building trades since I was a young teenager. Since then I have spent several years all along the front range honing my craft and had the opportunity to travel the country building rock climbing walls that are truly works of art. 


I founded Next Level Carpentry as a platform to showcase my talent and sell quality handmade products. Sometimes in today’s modern world, we can forget the beauty of a craftsmen's natural handmade work. It is my intention to create pieces that will grab the attention of on-lookers.

At Next Level Carpentry we are focused on creating custom carpentry designs. Whether it is a custom piece of furniture, a custom set of cabinets or an entire home remodel we are committed to delivering nothing but the best results

Get in touch to start your project today. I look forward to working with you!

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